We TWAC organizers are real proud of all of the people who came together to not only meet our goal of 3,000 dollars, but to actually EXCEED it. We cannot express how grateful we are. At the end of our indiegogo campaign we raised $3,230 dollars.

TWAC is a space intended to create extended communities of support and empowerment, and having people come together to help us fund our event starts that feeling of support and empowerment even before we have a chance to get into the woods with all the amazing people we are going to share space with for the duration of TWAC.

We know that creating supportive and empowering spaces for womyn (transgender and cisgender), transgender men, and genderqueer & gender variant people is crucial in any movement. We know that all life on earth is intricately connected, and that the struggle of people cannot be separated from the struggle of the earth. We know that in order to save any life on earth, we must heal ourselves.

Thank you for understanding that everything is connected, and understanding how important it is for us to create the space that TWAC provides.

With love,
The South Florida TWAC Organizers