Florida camp starts in two weeks!


Thank you to everyone who donated through Indiegogo. We exceeded our goal and will be busy over the next two weeks putting that money to use to build up an awesome TWAC!

Click here to REGISTER for camp! Registration is NOT required in order to attend TWAC. However, your registration will be very helpful for TWAC organizers to create a better TWAC experience for you and all of your awesomeness!

For information about what to bring, local wildlife, food, Kid Camp, alcohol use, and other general camp information, please check out General Camp Info.

For directions and specifics about the campsite, check out Site Details and Directions.

To see our proposed schedule, go to Schedule.

If you are excited to have an active role at camp, please see Ways to Plug In. We especially need medics & healthcare folks!

***Shout-out for mediators, peer support people, and group facilitators ***

TWAC is looking for folks who have skills & experience in the following areas to join the safe(r) spaces initiative:   peer support (esp. with experience in support for trauma & assault survival), conflict mediation, non-violent communication, de-escalation, group facilitation, or any other related field.

We are hoping to organize workshops, circle-ups, skill shares & discussion groups to discuss mental health, individual/ group communication, recovery & peer support.  Furthermore,  we hope that TWACers in need of support will be able to identify willing supporters for the duration of the event.  If you would like to be involved, or think you can lead a discussion or workshop on one of these topics, please contact Milo at: chickensneeze@gmail.com or call (561) 345-2300.