Trans and Womyns Action Week!

TWAC Cascadia presents: Trans and Womyns Action Week! Come join us May 20th to the 24th for five evenings of workshops, discussions, and good times! Everyone is welcome to attend. TWAC, the Trans and Womyns Action Camp is a direct action camp for trans and womyn activists working in the defense of our communities and ecosystems. This will also be an opportunity to meet organizers who are planning this summers Trans and Womyns Action Camp in Cascadia. For more information check out the Facebook  or contact us at:
MON- 7pm Potluck followed by direct action workshop and discussion at the Lorax Manner (1648 Alder street)
Open to trans/womyn/feminists
TUE- 6pm Sustainable Medicine workshop with Jessica Rojas at the University of Oregon (EMU Oak Room) followed by trans and womyns open mic night at the Campbell Club (1670 Alder street)
WED- 7pm Radical film night at the Lorax Manner, screening Screaming Queens followed by discussion
THU -CFD Presents: Maca Ray, 7:30pm Tiny’s Tavern (394 Blair Blvd)
FRI- 6pm -9pm DIY craft night at the LLC performance hall