Update: TWAC Blockade and Dance Party Extravaganza a Success!

Today’s TWACtion at TransCanada’s office in downtown Portland concludes with success! Activists forced TransCanada to close all the blinds and lock the doors at the entrance. Today it was made apparent that the Portland police are not on the side of TransCanada and that the tar sand-loving-earth-destroyers can’t handle a party. There was a booty shakin’ dance spectacle in support of a fabulous tripod donning a big, glittery disco ball. The TWACtion entourage eluded arrest, gear confiscation and spirits are high.

Steph, aka Baby Bird, who was perched in the disco nest reports, “TWAC came to give a rowdy FUCK YOU to TransCanada on behalf of all the species, ecosystems, and communities that are affected by the Keystone XL pipeline and all tar sands extraction and as an act of solidarity with all those opposing fossil fuel extraction in the Pacific Northwest”.

This action follows a week of workshops, skillsharing and movement building of the annual Trans and Women’s Action Camp. We received tons of media and lots of support from the community and we thank you.

We’re here, we’re queer and we’ll fuck you up.



Tripod Disco Dance Party