TWAC Cascadia 2016



Unfortunately, TWAC Cascadia is not going to happen this year; primarily because of a lack of organizing support.

In order to build capacity for future organizing, TWAC Cascadia has decided to hold a 3 day collective training and re-visioning sometime in September.

We want past organizers of TWAC and other relevant projects to come and share their skills, wisdom, and visions for how we can address the many ways systemic oppression affects our organizing, and to create a more inclusive and effective TWAC. This event is not exclusively for those with organizing experience. We welcome anyone who is eager to develop their organizing skills and learn the nitty gritty details of what it looks like to put on an action camp or are dedicated to being a part of the evolution of Twac.

Due to organizing resources, we are going to have an attendance cap and simple registration process, the details of which are still being determined. The registration process for the most part will be first come first serve- with an active prioritization of POC, trans femmes, and disabled folk -this means we will leave spots open until a week before camp in order to include people who were not able to access the registration process as quickly as more privileged folk.

Accessibility info will be posted asap. Currently we are still determining the location and thusly have little information to give as to the usability of the space.

We appreciate your understanding and look forward to meeting you in the woods!

organizers of TWAC Cascadia 2016 and now the ACtrainingthing2016 ❤

It has been brought to the attention of current Twac cascadia that a call out about abuse and accountability has been made. This has not influenced our decision about camp this year. We plan to release a statement about this in the following days.

If you have any questions, concerns or ideas about what this event can be send an email to