Florida Camp Information


The TWAC collective strives to create a nourishing, safe(r) environment where everyone can thrive, and feel safe & happy in the woods.  TWAC’s infrastructure is entirely dependent on everyone! Come prepared to actively engage in a living community where everyone pitches in!

Map Location Fisheatingcreek


TWAC Florida will be held in the beautiful cypress and oak habitat of Fisheating Creek near Palmdale, FL. The closest airports are Fort Myers and West Palm Beach. Click here for directions and more info. Also check out our Rideshare Board.


Be aware that the primary on-site accommodations will be camping, so make sure to come prepared with your own tarp, tent, and bedding. You will need to be prepared for rain, sun, heat, and bugs.  If you are not comfortable camping in a tent, there are additional options described here.  Please contact us at twac2013@gmail.com if you need help arranging comfortable accommodations.


Together, we are creating a communal kitchen. Please bring snacks for yourself, and some food to contribute to the kitchen. Due to refrigeration restrictions and environmental concerns, meals served will be vegetarian and vegan.
If you have other needs for food, we strongly encourage you to bring your own food.  Bringing your own cookware and stove is encouraged.


TWAC understands that younger folks are a beautiful and vital part of our communities! Therefore, we are very excited to be hosting a Kid’s Camp! The Kid’s Camp will be available to younger folks of ALL genders who are 12 years and under. We will provide four days of rad activities and swimming on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! This will include nightly fun during those evenings as well! So bring along the lovely younger folks in your life and allow them to learn, grow, and play while experiencing the magic of Fisheating Creek at TWAC 2013! So that we can plan better, if you’re coming with kids, please let us know ahead of time by registering!


In order to create a safe(r) space for folks, the TWAC collective is requesting that all who care to drink alcohol do so discreetly, and to try to remain in alcohol-neutral areas of camp, away from sleeping people and sober spaces when intoxicated. If you plan on drinking at night, it might be a good idea to set up your tent in a consciously selected location so that you can hang out around your tent without disturbing non- drinkers. 

TWAC will also be setting up a strictly sober area. This area will be closed to anyone who is drinking, has recently been drinking alcohol or is under the influence of any other intoxicating substance. We are doing this to provide a comfortable space for folks who may be triggered by the smell of alcohol, or the company of intoxicated friends. We hope to foster an environment where everyone can enjoy the gathering at all levels of intoxication or sobriety.

We will be setting up a “smoker’s area” for tobacco enjoyment. We are asking that folks try to enjoy their smokes either in the smoker’s area, OR no less than 20-30 feet from gathering areas, and specifically to be mindful of children, folks with allergies, & pregnant people.


There is a creek about 1500 feet from main camp. There are areas that are extremely shallow and sandy and are great for splashing around, for both kids and adults. There are deeper sections to swim in but please keep in mind alligators do inhabit these waters.  While alligators are docile and usually afraid of humans,we recommend swimming in groups of 5 or more to deter them.  For more information on Alligator Safety, click here.


The Florida swamps are teeming with wonderful wildlife. Around Fisheating Creek, you are likely to encounter many species of birds, as well as deer, swamp cattle, boars, river otters, alligators, turkeys, raccoons, armadillos, and other lovely critters.  For more info on wildlife you might expect to encounter, please click here.

Poison_Ivy_LeavesThere are four main poisonous snakes in our area: the Eastern Diamondback rattler, the Dusky Pygmy rattler, the Florida Cottonmouth, and the Coral snake. For more information on snake safety, click hereAlligators are generally afraid of humans and will avoid you once they are aware of your presence. Again, please swim in groups and do not approach alligators. For more information on Alligator Safety, click here.

There is poison ivy on site. Organizers at camp will gladly help you identify this plant. Click on the image for a closer look. For more info about poison ivy, click here.


  • sleeping bag, ground pad, tent, and tarp
  • clothes for sun and rain
  • water bottle and extra water
  • flashlight/headlamp and batteries
  • bug repellent (natural oils such as citronella, geranium, and eucalyptus work really well)
  • biodegradable sunscreen
  • poison ivy soaps such as Tecnu
  • passion, enthusiasm, ideas, and skills
  • food: there will be 3 communal meals daily, but please bring personal snack food and food to donate to the kitchen
  • your own bowl, cup, spoon, fork, and knife
  • cooking gear if you want to cook your own meals
  • willingness to help out and participate
  • instruments
  • costumes, glitter, sequins, hoola-hoops, face paint, fun activities!
  • that good ol fire in your soul
  • climbing gear if you have it
  • Donations are greatly appreciated!

Things that might be good to know…  Did you know that TWAC is an ACTION camp!!!! The bonds we form in the woods are pivotal in having a fabulous action at the end of camp! If you’re so inclined, definitely stay the entire duration of camp to learn the skills and deploy a fun, empowering, action! Report from last years action: http://earthfirstnews.wordpress.com/2011/08/02/occupation-of-oregon-department-of-forestry-office/

May the swamp bewitch you,

TWAC Collective