Pre-Camp Protest in St. Augustine

This is an ACTION Camp right? So let’s get to it! We are planning a pre-camp protest in North Florida at 9am on April 3rd before camp gets started!


April 3rd, 2013, marks the 500th anniversary of the landing of Ponce De Leon in the occupied territory currently known as Florida. This was the beginning of European colonization, bloodshed, and genocide of the indigenous peoples of the land now known as the United States.  The State of Florida is celebrating these war criminals as part of their celebration Viva Florida 500.

As Bobbie Billie, Council of the Original Miccosukee Simanolee Nation Aboriginal Peoples, says in his statement: “Juan Ponce de Leon and Pedro Menendez de Aviles committed violent war crimes against humanity: acts of violence, cruelty, trickery and the stealing and raping of women, and massacring of innocent Aboriginal Indigenous human beings of their own Lands. Their war crimes against humanity must be brought to justice through the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and the International Court of Justice.”

Read the full statement here.

TWAC Florida stands with the American Indian Movement Florida Chapter in demanding:  “Remove Spanish war criminals Juan Ponce de Leon and Pedro Menendez from… [celebration] events. They should not be in parades and sitting at gala affairs – they committed horrific war crimes against innocent people.”

WE WILL BE RESISTING THE CELEBRATION & RE-ENACTMENT PLANNED FOR 9am APRIL 3RD IN ST. AUGUSTINE. We are calling on TWAC attendees to join us in protest in St Augustine, which is 250-300 miles from where camp itself will be, so we understand many people will not be able to make it. However, if you are driving down, it is on the way!

This protest is EARLY morning. If you’re coming from afar, we recommend you come the night before – Tuesday April 2nd. We are trying to figure out housing options. There is also Faver Dykes state park where people could camp. Please get in touch ( if you want to arrange housing.

We will head down to camp the afternoon of April 3rd, and the TWAC schedule will begin bright & early the morning of APRIL 4th and carry on through the 9th. There will still be another action at the end of camp! if you cannot join us in St. Augustine, you are welcome to join camp set-up efforts before April 4th.