Spring Climb Training 2017


Save the Date! April 1st and 2nd, 2017.

Registration Deadline: March 31st

First, a little,


TWAC started as an action camp that intended to be a welcoming and safer space for all folks who identify as transsexual, transgender, two-spirit, intersex, women, genderqueer, or other non-cis designation or nondesignation. Cisgender (non-trans) men are not invited to attend camp.

We have grown to desire to include ALL (not cismen) marginalized people under that umbrella. This is likely impossible, but we will strive for it until our last breath. If you experience injustices, microaggressions, or just shitty behaviour from the other people attending or organising camp, please let us know.

As organizers, we recognize that colonialism, racism, transphobia, misogyny, classism, ableism, sexism, ageism, liberalism, etc pervade both mainstream society and radical movements for social and environmental justice. We are united in our commitment to confronting oppression and are determined to foster a respectful and comfortable space for all people attending TWAC.

Upon registration you will be sent a full schedule with times and location, what to bring, etc.

Please understand that we have a hard limit of twenty-five people for this training, but will hold more events in the future. If you’re not able to make it for any reason this time, don’t worry!

We will climb in any weather except lightning.

Accessibility: Folks who self identify as disabled are welcome and encouraged to attend. There are 6 stone steps to the main area, or alternatively a short dirt hill for wheelchair access that is not much steeper than a ramp, but can get muddy in the rain. Seating is limited. The location is close to town, but must be driven to. Accessible on-site parking will be reserved. A house bathroom will be available with a 28 inch wide doorway entrance, but no handle bars on the walls. We will be having food, conversations about radical organising, including a reading, webinar, and discussion, and being cute! We will give you a more thorough and personalised run-down of the accessibility of the location, and can send you photos, after registration. Please contact us with any needs and we will do our best to accomodate and inform.

A few agreements.
Consent: Do not touch another person, their gear, enter that person’s space or comment on a person’s appearance without express verbal (or ASL) consent from that person.
Smoking: Please ask the consent of those around you, or smoke away from people who aren’t actively doing so.
Alcohol: Many people have trauma around this substance. We do not wish to shame anyone for self-medicating or coping with social anxiety, but we ask that you do not do so publicly.
Intoxication: If you are intoxicated (420, alcohol, or otherwise) please inform and ask consent of your buddy, trainer, and/or group.
Dogs: Please leave your dogs at home or with someone who can watch them for the event. If you are unable to do so, we ask that you notify us beforehand.
Collective-and-Self-Care: Life is hard. Learning is stressful. Our minds and bodies don’t always work how we want them to. Let’s be kind and patient with eachother and ourselves.

Form and Questions:


Can you give us a few sentences about yourself?

Have you been to TWAC before? What was your experience?

Do you have any Direct Action skills that you would feel confident in holding a workshop around in the future, or are there any skills you would like to learn in an environment like this?

What about Anti-Oppression workshops?

Do you have any dietary preferences or allergies that we should be aware of? Is there anything you cannot or would be unwilling to be in shared cooking space with?

Do you need a ride, or are you able to offer one? If so, what town or part of town will you be coming from? How many people?

If you’re coming from out of town, do you need a place to stay the night in order to attend? What would you require for that to be safe and accessible for you?

Would you like a text reminder before the event? If so, what is your number?

Would you be able to volunteer in any capacity? What capacity?
Things we currently could use help with are:
-Site Prep
-Knot-tying (and other basics of climbing, to support our trainers)
-Accessibility Support
-Random Tasks
-Last minute things we forgot about

Physical things we need:
-Medical Supplies
-extra headlamps, gloves, and raingear

If you are able, we are asking for a 10 to 100 dollhair donation. This will go toward things like paying travel expenses for our trainers, feeding you, buying and replacing gear, giving people gas money to enable attendance, and holding future events.
Donate as you are able.
No One Turned Away For Lack Of Funds.

See you in the treetops,