TWAC 2013 Florida


South Florida is hosting the upcoming Trans & Women’s Action Camp on April 3rd-9th.

TWAC is all about solidarity and the interconnectedness that binds the urgent struggles for all life on earth. At TWAC we will share campaign information and direct action skills in a conscientious, supportive, empowering and encouraging environment for voices often marginalized, and then to take collective action together at the end of the camp!  This is an intentional space for folks who identify as female, trans, transgender, transsexual, gender queer and/or gender variant. Some major focuses of our camp will be the prison/detention/deportation system, colonization, eco-defense, and immigration.

From the Dine’ women defending their native lands against destructive mining, to the eco-feminists defending forests from logging and developing; from the immigrant and trans women defending their lives from the prison industrial complex, to the parents and midwifes defending their bodies and babies from the patriarchal medical establishment, women and trans folks have always been powerhouses of political action, and TWAC aims to support this in a safe(r) environment.
TWAC Florida will begin on April 3rd with a pre-camp protest in St. Augustine. We will be resisting the celebration & re-enactment planned for April 3rd! We are calling on TWAC attendees to join us in protest in St Augustine, which is 250-300 miles from where camp itself will be, so we understand many people will not be able to make it. Click here for details.

CAMP ITSELF WILL START ON APRIL 4th and carry on through the 9th. There will still be another action at the end of camp! if you cannot join us in St. Augustine, you are welcome to join camp set-up efforts before April 4th.

We are reaching out for more hands, hearts and minds to unite with us for this week-long event! If you would like to propose/host a workshop, presentation, discussion or skills-sharing please contact us at:

Keep checking back for updates!


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