Anti-Oppression/Trans Inclusivity Statement

Anti-Oppression Statement
TWAC is an intentional space to empower ourselves and each other. As trans and/or womyn folks, we experience marginalization because of our gender identities. Although we all may have different experiences because of our gender and gender identities, we all face some form of gender marginalization for not being cis straight men. Yet, that does not mean that we all experience this oppression in the same way. Some of us experience different forms of oppression and hold different forms of gender oppression. TWAC aims to be part of dismantling all forms of oppression and therefore, we recognize that we CANNOT dismantle gender oppression without simultaneously working to tear apart racism, homophobia, capitalism, etc.
Domination and exploitation in the form of racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. permeate our social relationships in subtle and overt ways. These powers of oppression divide us and weaken our ability to make progress. Because we all sometimes slide into oppressive behaviors, we must continually ask ourselves how we can cultivate a culture of liberation.
Helping each other learn how to listen non-defensively and communicate respectfully is a start. In truth, we can only identify how power and privilege play out when we are conscious and committed to understanding how all forms of oppression affect us. A commitment to liberation takes more than a weekend. It means challenging ourselves and those we live and work with to take risks, to observe our own behavior, and to address oppression head on- for the sake of all living things and the natural systems that nurture us.

Trans Inclusivity Statement
TWAC is an action camp that intends to be a welcoming and safer space for all folks who identify as women, transsexual, transgender, gender-variant, and genderqueer. Cisgender (non-trans) men are not invited to attend camp.

As organizers, we recognize that transphobia, cissexism, and transmisogyny pervade both mainstream society and radical movements for social and environmental justice. We are united in our commitment to confronting transphobia and cissexism and are determined to foster a respectful and comfortable space for all people attending TWAC. Anyone displaying transphobic and/or transmisogynist behaviors, speech, or attitudes will be asked to significantly change or address their actions, and may be asked to leave if necessary.

In solidarity,
TWAC Cascadia 2013 and TWAC Maine 2013