Camp Logistics

Description of the site and things to consider:
TWAC will be located on privately owned land in Belgrade, just northwest of Augusta, Maine’s capital.  After violent occupation by white settlers which forced out the indigenous population, Belgrade had a lot of farms and apple orchards, and because it’s surrounded by lakes at the edge of the western foothills, it’s always been a destination for summer residents and tourists, with much preserved land to protect the Messalonskee Lake watershed.  Today Belgrade has become more of a rural residential area for Waterville and Augusta commuters than an agrarian community, so hosting TWAC should shake things up a bit!

The TWAC hosts live on about 30 acres, with an old farm house in between nice neighbors, and gently sloping wooded land that rolls down away from other humans and abuts over 2000 acres of undeveloped forest.  There is a wee bit of poison ivy that we will post with signs, but long sleeves, long pants, tall socks, and closed shoes are the best protection if you’re allergic.

In late October, the weather may be warm clear days (in the low 70s), clear crisp days (in the 50s), or raining and in the 30s.  So, please come prepared with warm weather gear including long underwear and lots of layers, rain gear, and footwear that will keep you DRY!  The soil here holds moisture, which will be a blessing if mass desertification ensues, but for now, walking from place to place you may get wet unless you dress appropriately.  Boots and rain pants are highly recommended, if you have them.  Also, it’s dark in the woods after sundown, so bring headlamps or flashlights so you can navigate the paths at the end of the day.  The FIRE will be down by the creek, about a 10-15 minute walk from workshop spaces.

The “front house” as we call it will be the only heated indoor space, and will serve as the kitchen, childcare area, a safe space area, and common space for folks who need time indoors.  There will also be very limited indoor sleeping space in the front house.  Unless you are a child, cooking, or have special needs, you should plan to be outside or in unheated space the whole time you’re here.  Off of the front house will be the welcome area, medic area, information tables for all ya’lls rad work, and the meal line.

Parking will be tight so we ask folks to please follow signs and park in designated areas.  Some parking will be available across the street.  This is a fairly busy state road, especially on Saturdays, so please be careful and park all the way off the road!

Heading downhill into the woods, there is an unfinished gray house.  Folks are welcome to sleep anywhere in there, it is a large unheated indoor space with a few rooms for folks who don’t have tents or would prefer a large slumber party, but is not handicap accessible.

Workshops will take place under large tarp tents in the woods.  We have very few chairs, so bring a chair if you want to sit on one!  We can mule it where you want it, if you’d like help.

Unfortunately, none of these spaces are wheelchair accessible because they have stairs or are in the woods, unless you have one of those awesome ones that can go on rough terrain.  However, we are committed to getting as many people here with different abilities as possible, so please contact Christine directly if you have questions about this: 495-3648 or christinemaya(at)riseup(dot)net

We are inviting a wide variety of folks from a wide variety of backgrounds to TWAC, so we ask people to leave oppressive and elitist attitudes at home.  This TWAC will be a SOBER SPACE, meaning please do not use any substances recreationally.  We are attempting to make this space open and welcoming to all types activists… and we can still party and play hard without booze and stuff.  It is expected that these spaces and policies will be respected.  In short, don’t be a jerk!

As noted, folks will be volunteering to provide child-care.  There will be an on-site medic with herbal medicine knowledge and training, as well as a designated safe space for health and healing.  If you have any particular skills that would help with any of these things, contact us.

Police or other law enforcement agencies may stop in and see what we are up to. There will be delegated members of the camp responsible for communicating with law enforcement interactions.

Overall, this is a working camp, so we’ll be signing up volunteers to help with all aspects of housekeeping, childcare, conflict mediation, and whatever we need to have a healthy, safe, and joyful camp!

What to Bring:

  • Donation: $15 (or whatever you can afford).  No one will be turned away, but there are costs associated with organizing these events.  Extra money we raise will go on to organize more TWAC events in the future. Please donate more if you can afford it- $15 isn’t much for a three day event.
  • Warm Clothing and Rain Gear
  • Camping gear: tent, sleeping bag, ground pad (if you don’t have a tent, you should at least bring a tarp)
  • Food and Water:  It always helps take weight off of the camp infrastructure if people come as self-sufficient as possible-especially if you have any special dietary needs
  • Cooking Gear
  • Headlamp or flashlight (this is Maine – it gets real dark at night!)
  • Eating utensils, plate, bowl, etc.
  • Water purification device
  • No Dogs:  We have two dogs here and chickens that new dogs may think are food, so we don’t want your dogs here.  If you ignore us and do show up with a dog, they must be on a leash with you at all times and be chill about it, or you may be asked to leave.
  • A Spirit of Resistance and a Willingness to participate in the event.  We hope to have a lot of people from local communities at this event and we want to foster a respectful environment for people to network with new people.
  • Musical instruments, poetry to read, or whatever other performance art you would like to share
  • Games
  • A chair for yourself, if that’d make you more comfortable!