How You Can Help

Become an organizer! If you live in Maine and want to help us organize the event, we definitely can use the help!

Help us raise funds through our indiegogo! Please help us raise funds by either donating to our indiegogo campaign, sharing it with your internet contacts, or both! Here is the link!:

We need funds! Donate money, please. Throw some kind of fundraiser for us and send the money our way! Our indiegogo campaign might not cover all of our expenses so even if we make our goal we could still use some more money.

Promote! Tell your friends about TWAC. Post our flyer and website on whatever social media you use. Print out our flyer distribute it.

Propose a workshop! Help us fill up our schedule.

Donate food! In Maine we have a culture of accommodating all types of diets, so we will take any food you would like to give us, including animal protein.

Donate Supplies! Here is our list of supplies that we haven’t sourced yet. Maybe you can source some for us?

Setting up Space
tarps for tarp structures
rope for tarp structures
supplies for signs for locations (workshops, toilets, etc.)
tables for tabling, info materials, medic space etc.
stakes for signs
Maybe tents for chill space and medic space
Duct Tape
Material to make paths into woods eaiser to walk on for people with mobility needz….plywood?

hand sanitizer
Sheets to put up for privacy

hand wash buckets with spickets (or other hand wash set-up)

dishes for meals
dish washing tubs
Sponges or Wash Clothes
containers for drinking water
Large Pots and Pans
Large containers for serving food
Thongs, Large Scoops and Ladles for serving

Possible heater for indoor sleeping spaces
Mattresses, cots, and blow up mattresses

Medic Space
Cot, Blanket, Pillow

Kidz Space
Coloring books
Paper, pens, markers, paint, crayons etc.
Craft supplies
Maybe a tent?
Kids books

Action Supplies:
Canvas for Banner
Paint for Banner
Cardboard or other material for signs
Duct Tape

Workshop Supplies
Butcher Paper

If you want to do any of these things to help, or if you plan to do one of these things, please let us know: