Although we would like the participants of TWAC Maine to shape and create the space that we will be in together, there are a few policies us organizers would like to lay as ground rules before you get here.

Firstly, we would like it if people would respect a ground rule of no alcohol and no recreational use of substances.  We understand that this is not easy for everyone, and we would like to provide support to folks who may need it throughout the three days. If you have any ideas of how we can best offer that support, please send us an e-mail at twacmaine@riseup.net
In addition, if this ground rule would prevent you from coming to TWAC Maine or if it would create a bad space for you, please send an e-mail to christinemaya@riseup.net or call 207.495.3648 and ask for Christine. Let’s talk about it!

Secondly, like almost every action camp you’ve ever been to, we would like it if you didn’t bring your dog unless it is a service dog. Please leave your dog at home.