Schedule and Workshops

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8:00: Breakfast
8:30-9:15: Morning Circle
9:15-11:15: Building resistance to corporate globalization through TPP Free Zones: Ruth
                   Tar Sands as Genocide: Kat
15 minute break
11:30-12:30: Lunch and Break
12:30-2:30: History is not History: the continuing colonization of Maine’s Indigenous Peoples: Maria Girouard
                   Know your rights/Legal: Logan
30 minute break
3:00-5:00: Building alliances with Indigenous Peoples: Maria Girouard
5:00-6:00: Dinner
6:00-7:00: Presentation on our action target
7:00-8:00: Action Prep
8:00-beyond: Open Mic and other FUN!

8:00: Breakfast
8:30-9:15: Morning Circle
9:15-11:15: Maine Issues Workshop: Chris, Nikki, Heidi, Hilary, Meaghan
                   Direct Action 101, Part 1: Paki
15 minute break
11:30-12:30: Lunch and Break
12:30-2:30: Direct Action 101, Part 2: Paki
                   Classism from the Inside Outward: Sally Brotherton
30 minute break
3:00-5:00: Research/Media Workshop: Hilary
                 Queer/Trans Health: Chanelle, Cea
5:00-6:00: Dinner
6:00-7:00: Presentation on our action target
7:00-8:00: Action Prep
8:00-beyond: FUN and resting up for action!

Confirmed Workshops
History is not History: the continuing colonization of Maine’s Indigenous Peoples: From 11,00 years ago to present, Penobscot people have maintained a continual presence and existence in their ancestral homelands, now referred to as “Maine.” A historical overview of trial relations with the settlers demonstrates a pattern of repeated history and tenacious efforts by Penobscots to live peacefully while reserving and  protecting their territory. This history bleeds into contemporary life as Penobscots currently find themselves preparing to take on their oppressors in one of the biggest battles of their contemporary existence.: Maria Girouard

Building alliances with Indigenous Peoples: Well-meaning non-natives often find it difficult to establish working relationships or partnerships with indigenous nations. This discussion of do’s, don’ts, and whys is based on a Penobscot community focus group where the discussion “what makes a good ally” took place, and on several years of work experience in a position where every week at least one communication came form people who “wanted to help.”: Maria Girouard

Tar Sands as Genocide: This workshop seeks to hilight how mainstream organizing around tar sands exploitation works within an inadequate analysis of the systems of power and domination that perpetuate exploitation and commodification of the earth. Because the most marginalized and at risk members in capitalist society are often excluded from participation in movements opposed to systems of oppression that disproportionately affect them.
We will discuss how environmental racism has been ignored and/or tokenized by big green NGO’s, and even radical environmental groups, we will also open dialogue about racism and white supremacy as well as classism and sexism within the broader environmental movement to identify, expose, and actively challenge the unjust dynamics that allow these patters to thrive in our organizing spaces.
Facilitator will focus intensely on the environmental racism endemic along the route of the Keystone XL Pipeline from the point of extraction to the point of refining to help participants further understand the complexities of how this form of systemic racism works.
The facilitator will share their person experiences organizing with communities living fence line to refineries processing tar sands in Houston’s toxic East End. A short film co-produced by the facilitator will be shown: Kat

Building resistance to corporate globalization through TPP Free Zones: “Free trade” agreements are about increasing the rights of corporations and taking away our rights as citizens. For instance, starting with NAFTA, the agreements that US has negotiated with other countries give foreign coporations the right to sue countries over domestic laws which they say could lead to projected loss of their future profits. Now the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is being negotiated between the US and 11 other Pacific Rim countries. In fact, it is being negoiated in secret with 300 or more corporations at the table. From what has been revealed so far thorough leaked documents, the TPP would go even further in promotin the interests of corporations over “we, the people.” 
This workshop is about creating “TPP Free Zones” where we live. It’s time to stop relying on Congress to do the right thing on trade agreements in response to our pressure-they never have-and build resistance locally. It is time to say “We will not obey!”: Ruth Caplan

Direct Action 101, four hour two part workshop: Paki
Outline of workshop:
A brief introduction to the history of non-violence, and where and how we see ourselves continuing that evolving story.
Then, into the heart of actions!

1. Hassel lines, taking positions of angry status quo proponents vs. non-violent social/environmental justice proponents.

2. Decision grid…putting out a few scenarios…the question for each being, “Is an action non-violent/effective, non-violent/not effective, violent/effective, violent/not effective?” with each person taking a position and explaining the position taken.

3. Doing a “role play” at (a) a corporate office, (b) street theater at a bank, (c) at a site from which machinery goes out to engage in support of fracking, etc.
This includes brainstorming actions, who will take the roles available eg. high risk of arrest, low rick, no risk (?), support persons, media liaison, other?

Also, more in-depth exercises on specific blockade actions, from example, roads, entrances to buildings, etc.

Know Your Rights/Legal: Logan

Maine IssuesLearn about the following issues and how you can get involved! Chris, Nikki, Heidi, Hilary, Meaghan

  • The East West Corridor
  • Nestle’s Water Grab
  • Fracked Bakken Shale Oil coming through Maine on freight
  • The Line 9 Reversal: the reversal of a crude oil pipeline currently spanning from Montreal to Portland that industry wants to reverse to ship tar sands oil
  • Divestment
  • Wind Power
  • Dumps
  • Side projects that the East West Corridor would support
  • Health Care is a Human Right

Media and Research Training:

Queer/Trans Health: We will be talking about various systems of the body, & herbs to support & nourish those systems. We will also delve a little into operative surgery support & some medicine making! Chanelle, Cea

Classism from the Inside Out: The personal is political. Through understanding ourselves and being able to see the big picture, we can make opportunities for empowerment. We will teach ourselves and one another through our shared experiences of classism and internalized oppression. How do we perpetuate classism both within and outside ourselves. And how can we use this knowledge to open doors, expose truth in a way that can be heard and create a transformative and encompassing environment: Sally Brotherton