Alcohol, Drug and Cigarette Policy 2015

TWAC CASCADIA aims to set the platform with which an intentional safe(r) space can be co-created by organizers and participants alike. As you already know, this is a direct action camp and we want to avoid bringing any extra attention to ourselves. Please refrain from bringing any illegal drugs to camp and using them publicly.

This year the main fire at base camp will be a sober space. There will (hopefully) be a non-sober fire a bit further from base camp.

ALCOHOL: We ask that you not offer alcohol to anyone whom you don’t already have that kind of relationship with–we want  to recognize the kiddos, underage folks and folks who may be recovering from alcoholism etc. Please keep your beverage on you at all times, it is very important to avoid leaving alcohol unattended. We are asking for drinking to occur only at the non sober fire or your personal campsite (bring a buddy and check in with the people around you first!).

SMOKING (tobacco and/or weed): In general please only smoke in the designated smoking area, which will most likely be super close to base camp. Due to this summer’s extreme drought this is extra important! Regarding smoking around the non sober fire or your personal campsite; ask the people around you first and be hyper aware of your sparks.

Thank you all for helping TWAC Cascadia 2015 be a safe(r) space for all who attend!