General TWAC cascadia info

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TWAC CASCADIA is happening September 1-8 in the woods somewhere between Portland and Olympia (directions and more specifics will come as we get closer to the camp..stay tuned!)

In the spirit of TWAC and de-centralized organizing everywhere, the collective this year wants to acknowledge that it is not possible for us to cover everything and we ask that all participants take responsibility in making TWAC CASCADIA truly a safe( r) space.

We ask that all participants bring what they know and come with the openness and flexibility to learn new things. Bring your skills and leave your bad attitude (and bad dogs) at home.

We ask that all participants come with what they know and with open ears to learn new things. Bring your skills, camping gear, notebook and get ready cuz we’re bringing it and so should you!

New to the bioregion? Shy?….there will be a plethora of roles we’ll need filled during camp which not only lend themselves as direct contribution but also as a way to meet people. (LET US KNOW IF YR A MEDIC/CONFLICT MEDIATOR)

Roles to plug into will be:

  • shitter ( more fun then it sounds, you get to dig big narrow holes)
  • cooks (kitchen witchez)
  • after meal clean up (everyone will love you)
  • security (you get a walkie talkie)
  • conflict mediation/engagement
  • morning circle (the first lively face we see in the morning)
  • freddy/police liazzon (you skillfully ward off forest service, cops and other unwelcome forces)
  • camp set-up and clean up
  • more roles TBA…



As stated before, TWAC CASCADIA’s success depends entirely on who comes. It is everyone’s responsibility to call problematic behavior, offer what you have, take on a meal/security/whatever shift and ultimately have a good time! As much as this is an opportunity for us all to learn a lot it is also meant to serve as a place to build up skills and recharge to make the overall  movement a less patriarchal place.



PLEASE CONTACT US IF: you have a workshop (we want to pre-schedule as much as possible), see something missing, want to host a fundraiser, want to help organize, have skills we should know about (medics!! Mediators!!!)



See you all in the woods,