Statement Regarding Accessibility and the Woods

This year, we are excited to have a site  near a beautiful old growth grove with Doug Fir trees towering high and 25 feet in circumference!twac 2014 site photo website

A rare and exciting treat–the roads up until the site are fully  paved and low clearance vehicles will want to tread lightly once getting to the main camp road however low clearance does fine! Outside of Randal, WA sits our campsite. The surrounding trail has  been
designated by the forest service as wheel chair accessible and has an enclosed camp pit toilet. We will also have dug out shitters (narrow trenches that you squat over) as well. Please prioritize the pit toilet for those less able then yourself.

The site is mostly flat on one side of the road and then steeper on the other. We think there will be enough camping for everyone on the flat side however if there is not and your able, please consider hiking up a bit to save flat spots for those less able to hike. TWAC Cascadia intentionally chose a more remote area because we believe in making backwoods experiences more accessible to everyone.
If you have a lot of experience camping or little to none– share skills and learn from another. We will have people onsite who can help with personal camp set ups etc.

If you have questions or concerns about accessibility please contact us at