TWAC 2013 Oregon


TWAC Cascadia will be holding an ecodefense action camp this summer in Western Oregon, within 90 miles of Eugene. Come join us in the forest from July 23rd-29th for a week of discussion, skillshares, networking, workshops, story telling, and action!

This action camp is planned by and for folks who identify as women, transgender, transsexual, gender queer, and gender variant. There may be opportunities for cis-male allies to participate in support roles closer to July. We are dedicated to creating a space that is as accessible and inclusive as possible within the constraints of a backwoods setting. We are planning to set up child care, and may be offering travel stipends to both workshop presenters and participants from traditionally under-represented groups depending on funds.

What is TWAC? TWAC is a movement to unite, support and inspire trans and women activists to take action against patriarchy, oppression and exploitation in defense of our communities and ecosystems.

We will start the search for fierce workshop presenters very soon. We will be looking for presenters especially on the topics of anti-racism, environmental justice, and trans liberation.

If you would like to be an organizer, have any ideas of how we can make this space more accessible, or workshops you’d like to see please contact us!

TWAC Cascadia 2013 Substance Policy:
TWAC Cascadia hopes to foster a welcoming and accessible environment for all participants, including those in recovery from addictions. For this reason we are asking that folks not bring any drugs to the action camp besides those which are medically necessary. Alcohol use will be discussed on the first day of camp. Thank you.


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