2013 Schedule

Here’s the TWAC Cascadia 2013 schedule! In the morning there will skill tracks- media and climbing. Folks can build upon their knowledge throughout the week in whichever area they are most excited about. After lunch there will be a workshop block and then a keynote.

Workshop descriptions (in progress):

  • Destroying the Guardian Angel by Ceslie. This workshop will go over the long history of violence and death towards differently-abled people, with a focus on the role “caregivers” have played, including media portrayal of events, community response and current rhetoric. This will open into a discussion on what we need to do to end this violence towards those most vulnerable to it.
  • Significance of place. History of the Molallish people. Kayla Godowa-Tufti is a descendent of the Chakgeenkni-Tufti band and great great grand daughter of Charlie Tufti, a Molallish Native credited for discovering Waldo Lake. She would like to share her family history with folks, significance of place in regards to environmental defense, and alliance between Indigenous people of this land and non-native peoples.
  • Unschooling, Free Schools, and Democratic Education by Riva. In this workshop we will be discussing the building of alternative multigenerational learning communities, youth empowerment, and adult privilege. We can also talk about the pros and cons of public schooling and the school to prison pipeline. We may read some education essays by bell hooks, Grace Llewellynn, John Holt and others.
  • Accessibility discussion with Smitty. This workshop will be looking at what parts of TWAC are accessible and what parts are not. We’ll also looking at organizing in general and how as organizers we can make spaces more accessible to folks who are differently-abled and disabled. We will additionally be looking at what Ableism and Mentalism are and how we can work to decolonize these belief systems within ourselves.
  • Confronting Trans Exclusion and Transmisogyny in Activism with Lichen and Ariel. This workshop will discuss how transgender people are excluded from movements for social and environmental justice and what to do about it.
  • Supporting survivors of sexual assault and dating violence with Jen. Learn about the dynamics and mechanisms of intimate partner violence through an anti-oppression framework. Learn the basics of peer counseling, safety planning, and otherwise how to be an “anchor in the storm.”
  • Cheer the queer with Echo and Chanel. This workshop presented by two cheerleaders turned anarchists will teach basic moves and chants to get you started right after camp! We will also be working on making bike tube poms. Bring your best uniform!
  • Decolonizing environmentalism: Being an Activist on Native Land by Ada. In this workshop we will be discussing our roles in environmentalism within the United States, including colonialism, indigeneity, and allyship. Questions up for discussion will include, whose land are you on?, how do I build dialogue with tribes?, and how can I be a conscious non-indigenous activist?Ada Ball, Dakubetede/Klamath/Modoc/Shasta/Tsalagi
  • Know Your Rights– TWAC Organizers. This workshop will be a Know Your Rights training relevant to activists engaging in direct action. We’ll go over the three types of police interaction with civilians and the “magic words” you should always be ready with to invoke your constitutional rights.

Can’t wait to see ya’ll in the woods!