Ways to plug in


  • We need help fundraising. You can throw a benefit dinner or performance, spread around our indiegogo campaign, or collect donations any way you can!
  • Invite folks! Print and post our flyer, do the facebook thing, announce it at group gatherings, write it on bathroom walls, whatever!  We want to put specific energy into inviting people of color and transgendered women.
  • Solicit food donations! We want food! Reaching out to corporations that would donate food. We have a list going and a donation letter if you want to help with this.
  • Come early and help us set up! This is a great time to bond with other folks before the crowds arrive, as well as learn and share some outdoors skills!



The TWAC collective strives to create a nourishing, safe(r) environment where everyone can thrive, and feel safe & happy in the woods.  TWAC’s infrastructure is entirely dependent on everyone! Come prepared to actively engage in a living community where everyone pitches in!

Here are some roles we need at camp. If you can do any of these, please get in touch ahead of time to let us know.

  • morning circle facilitator
  • timekeeper
  • health care
  • toilets
  • kitchen domme
  • safer spaces team/conflict mediation
  • interpreters
  • police liaison
  • media liaison
  • security
  • entertainment coordinator
  • fire tender
  • water runner



  • Break down camp: Linger a little longer in the magic space we will have created
  • Support the action: Depending on what happens at our action, we may need jail support and other action follow-up roles.