Wellness Clinic and Medical Tent

TWAC Cascadia will have a Free Wellness Clinic and Medic Tent this year!

nettle tea
The wellness clinic will be a home for taking care of our health together when we
are at camp. That means that in addition to medics and first aid supplies,
you can stop by the tent for herbal medicines, safer sex supplies, harm
reduction supplies, zines and books to read on health, or a cup of tea.

We want the clinic to be a space to share our skills and knowledge to take
care of each other. So if you have skills or knowledge to offer your
fellow TWACers, let us know! Examples of what you might be able to offer
include (but are not limited to): body work, energy work, emotional
support, plant medicine consultations, a group yoga session…. Send us an
email to say hi, and briefly describe your offering, your training and/or
experience, and what you need from us to have the support you need in
doing what you do.

We are looking for a donation of one or more large tents (can be either
camping tents and four-posted event tents). Other item donations can be
helpful as well.

When we take care of our health together, we build collective power for
our revolution. Solidarity!

To offer your healing gifts, sign up to be a medic, or offer donations,
email wintergoose@riseup.net