Get Involved!


We are having regular organizing meetings in the South Florida area.  Contact us if you’d like to come! Email us at:

E-Mail List

Sign up to the email list here:

Help with Events!

– Organize a benefit or speaking event!
– Bring us to your school!
– Help us submit an article in your school newspaper!
– Help us promote!
– Attend organizing meetings in South Florida

Give a workshop or training at the camp!

Here are workshop topics and trainings that we are looking to have:
– Ecofeminism

–  Birth Justice

–  Resistance to private detention, prisons and deportation

–  Street-theater, performance and creative resistance

–  Responding to sexual assault in activist communities
–  Self-defense
–  Racism, sexism, classism in the movement
–  How to start a grassroots organization
–  Urban gardening
–  Supporting mental health
–  Foraging
–  Yoga
–  Tree-climbing & traversing
–  Chopping wood
–  Building shelters
–  Activism Storytelling Circle
– Woods health/sanitation
– Herbal Medicine
– Gender Identity
– Plant Walks
– Sexy Knots
– Consensus/ Facilitation
– Media
– Organizing an action camp
– Action Planning
– Medic Training
– Security Culture

This is not a complete list, just what we’ve brainstormed so far. If you have any ideas for workshops you’d like to see happen or ones you’d like to do, please e-mail us at


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